A Stella Find

Green Carpet Challenge

First published 2011. Words by Livia Firth

Livia joins the ranks of women who’ve donned the Amazing Stella McCartney dress.

As you know we’ve developed a big Green Carpet crush on Stella McCartney. Not only did she work with us to produce a beautiful sustainable one-off piece for the Met Ball, but she leads the fashion pack; working hard to make her collections sustainable in every sense of the word, while sacrificing none of the glamour or aesthetic. Last night was also Stella’s birthday, so in her honour I wore a Stella dress to the London premiere of Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy.

Let’s just say it caused a few double takes! Firstly, you’ll notice it’s sheer down one side. Only a great designer can make something this risque‚ so chic, and I have to say I felt completely comfortable. Secondly, it had been (cue dramatic drum roll), WORN BEFORE! If there’s one bit of red carpet tyranny we’d love the Green Carpet Challenge to dispense with, it’s the idea that no two women must ever be seen in the same dress. In many ways this dictate just plays into the whole consumer churn and fast fashion cycle that we’re trying to avoid. So we say ‘why on earth not?’ When you’ve got a great designer, and a great piece, shouldn’t that piece be outed as many times as possible?

Photo by Jon Furniss/WireImage