Bibi Russell

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia


Bibi Russell has designed a simple formal outfit consisting of a skirt, jacket, and scarf with matching accessories. The look is made from hand-woven Jamdani cloth, which is unique to Bangladesh, and is considered an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. Red has been used to emphasize happiness and joy, the beauty Bibi sees in the villages of Bangladesh. Through this outfit Bibi Russel wants to give her tribute to incredible Jamdani weavers for their magical work.


Bibi Russell opened the fashion house Bibi Productions in 1995, fusing indigenous Bengali cultural elements into her line. As of 2004, her company employed 35,000 weavers in rural Bangladesh. Bibi strongly believes that fashion can create sustainable development and a better livelihood for craftspeople. She started the ‘Fashion for Development’ initiative in 1996 at the Unesco headquarters in Paris with the support of then Director General Federico Mayor. She has since dedicated all her time and work to support craftspeople around the world and in her native Bangladesh.