Caroline Scheufele joined in Cannes by Livia and Colin Firth to celebrate five years of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury

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Colin and Livia Firth, Caroline Scheufele with the Chopard Green Carpet Challenge Award
Colin and Livia Firth, Caroline Scheufele with the Alliance for Responsible Mining
Caroline Scheufele
Colin and Livia Firth, Caroline Scheufele with Ian Harebottle from Gemfields
Stacy Martin
Calu Rivero and Doina Ciobanu
Colin and Livia Firth, Caroline Scheufele with Aurora Gems Pty Ltd, Australia
Doina Ciobanu
Calu Rivero
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Stacy Martin, Doina Ciobanu and Calu Rivero joined Livia and Colin Firth and Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, in Cannes, at an event in recognition of Chopard’s commitment to sustainability and social justice.

“Since we began this process we have seen just how our clients appreciate the stories behind the jewellery they love. True luxury is understanding provenance. As a family run business, it is so important to know that the materials we use, from gold to diamonds to coloured gemstones, come from suppliers who share our same values.” Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director, Chopard.

Guests at the event were treated to a private viewing of this year’s iconic Palme D’Or. Especially created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, this year’s award is crafted from ethical gold certified Fairmined and features diamonds from RJC certified suppliers.

Also on display was the wonderful Garden of Kalahari. This exquisite high jewellery set comprising a necklace, earrings, rings, a bracelet and a watch is crafted from one single 342ct rough diamond of the most perfect purity, the Queen of Kalahari. Discovered in Botswana in Lucara’s Karowe mine, the Queen of Kalahari story has captured imaginations across the jewellery industry, with every step of its journey assessed by Eco-Age using the GCC Principles of Sustainable Excellence.

 The next chapter: Chopard High Perfumery Collection

The lunch celebrated new stories too. Chopard’s new High Perfumery Chopard Collection, Avant-Première, a limited edition fragrance begins the next chapter in the The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, Chopard’s multi-year business sustainability strategy. Four stunning fragrances that support and promote Chopard’s idea of luxury: a unique alliance of beauty, excellence, pleasure and ethical values.

In developing its latest high-perfumery Collection, Chopard has partnered with Firmenich to put at the heart of its fragrances, three extraordinary naturals coming from the Firmenich NATURALS TOGETHER™ worldwide program of responsible natural ingredient sourcing. This reflects Chopard’s continued investment in responsible ingredient sourcing.

Celebrating partnerships: The Chopard Green Carpet Challenge Award

Mines that have played a key role in the Green Carpet Collections were present at the events. Livia and Colin Firth, together with Caroline Scheufele, took this opportunity to honour Chopard’s strategic suppliers who all share the same social and environmental values, awarding them the Chopard GCC Award for Commitment to Sustainability and Social Justice. The awardees are:

Lucara, Karowe mine, Botswana

Gemfields, Kagem mine, Zambia

Aurora Gems Pty Ltd, Australia

Alliance for Responsible Mining, Colombia