Chopard builds on a tradition of excellence as principal sponsor of the International New York Times Luxury Conference 2016

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Caroline Scheufele and Luca Guadagnino, Director and speaker at INYT
Caroline Scheufele
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Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Creative Director of Chopard, hosted the second industry leading Chopard Eco-Age Futures Roundtable on the first day of the International New York Times Luxury Conference 2016, in Versailles, with Stephen Dunbar-Johnson President of the International New York Times.

As the principal sponsor of the International New York Times Luxury Conference 2016, in Paris, Chopard, the luxury jewellery and watch company, has established itself as a brand that leads the market place based on real values.

The roundtable brought together leading industry professionals in a highly constructive and energetic debate, to further build sustainable solutions in the jewellery and mining industry.

The Chopard Eco-Age Futures Roundtable programme is a unique platform to help identify solutions and forge partnerships and strategies for the future of the industry. It focuses on three crucial topics currently facing the jewellery and watch industry:

–  Transparency and traceability in the jewellery supply chain

–  Differentiation of more sustainable commodities by mining companies

–  Consumer awareness and relevance of sustainability in consumer behaviour

Caroline Scheufele said: ‘CEOs and leaders across the supply chain need to champion sustainability and social justice as an imperative. These roundtables are real drivers of change’

Considered outcomes from this meeting will inform, and add value to, the industry debate on standards. The long term goal is to improve traceability and transparency throughout global jewellery supply chain.

Chopard and the International New York Times held their first Chopard Eco-Age Futures Roundtable, in the stunning surroundings of the US Embassy’s Hôtel Talleyrand, in July 2015. This was co-hosted by Caroline Scheufele, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson and Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age.

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