Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi, the Italian shoe company steeped in artisanal tradition, collaborated with Eco-Age to launch the first Green Carpet Collection of Luxury Accessories.

The butterfly-inspired collection of stunning evening shoes and matching pochette were lovingly crafted from organic silk – spun, dyed and woven in established family run factories in Italy.

Recognising the importance of sustainability, Sergio Rossi and its suppliers collaborated closely to develop this truly sustainable silk fabric; the first-ever silk to be awarded the GCC® Brandmark – a guarantor of sustainable excellence.

For this unique project, Eco-Age reviewed international best practice sustainable silk projects, including artisanal and historic silks from Thailand to India, Laos and Japan. Eco-Age, working closely with Kering, identified the most suitable supply chain combination for a sustainable silk with a powerful, inspirational narrative. Eco-Age undertook GCC® validation of the final supply chain through a two-stage sustainability due diligence process including desk research, review and validation of all evidence and site visits to the Italian suppliers.

Sergio Rossi is synonymous with quality materials, luxury, Italian craftsmanship, elegance and research. These elements have been implemented into this incredible new project, creating a perfect marriage of ethics and aesthetics.

The collection retailed in Sergio Rossi flagship stores and in Saks 5th Avenue.