SOUTH AFRICA X LESOTHO | Clive Rundle X House of Thethana



House of Thethana in Lesotho worked under Clive’s direction to design a custom textile print, achieved by superimposing one print onto another – welding two images together to create a visual to print onto silk for the final garment construction. The fabric was then screen-printed using water-based inks on to a silk ‘sandwich’ of organza, georgette, and habotai. The silk dress is accompanied by a wool and organza coat with Swarovski details, accompanied by wool and organza shorts and a woollen collar accessory. SAFW was involved in introducing the brands to the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange project.


Born in Zimbabwe, Clive grew up in South Africa where he studied fashion design in Johannesburg. He opened his first store in 1989, where he showcased his one-off designs, and quickly gained a reputation for his flights of fancy. Clive has shown at the SAFW since it inception in 1997 and in all the major fashion capitals, including Paris Fashion week in 2010. His first ready-to-wear collection, Clive by Clive Rundle, launched in 2014.


Named after a fibre used for traditional beaded skirts, textile design company House of Thethana was set up in 2016 in Lesotho. Maleeto Monyau specializes in producing innovative prints for familiar Basotho accessories and wanted to bring some cool creativity to local fans. House of Thethana is inspired by Lesotho’s beautiful culture and dynamic landscape, and hopes to expand economic development in Lesotho through reaching a global market.