CYPRUS X KIRIBATI | Afroditi Hera x The Kiribati Handicrafts Association



Afroditi has designed her signature kaftan in blue silk overlaid with a printed chiffon of her own design. Through the use of buttons the look can be worn in three different ways, and has been completed with traditional ornamental beading created by artisans in Kiribati using grass, paper and shells.


Launching her Afroditi Hera label in 2001, Afroditi uses fashion to showcase her love of prints, weaves and colour. To this end, her designs are timelessly classic, loved across the world for bold yet classical patterns on shimmering sheaths of silk. Also commissioned to create heavenly wedding dresses of more traditional designs, she is best-known for the simplicity of her kaftans juxtaposed with the complexity of her colour palettes.

The Kiribati Handicrafts Association

Made up of 33 atolls and reefs including Christmas Island, in the central Pacific, Kiribati is dispersed across 1.3 million square miles. The indigenous handicrafts of the Pacific are manifold, with Kiribati specializing in ornamental beadwork and grass-weaving. The association is part of a larger group of artisans working out of the region, known as Pacific Artisans, who are all working to increase women’s economic standing through preserving traditional crafts, and giving them an international platform.