Elizabeth McGovern wears Leila Hafzi for the GCC

Green Carpet Challenge

Elizabeth McGovern in Leila Hafzi

Our staunch GCC supporter, Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern, was on hand to don a Green Carpet Challenge outfit to celebrate The Global Fund’s foray into ethical fashion. She called upon our Green Queen Livia Firth for help and Livia didn’t disappoint, offering her an electric blue Leila Hafzi strapless cocktail dress. The label is one of the first high-end ethical & eco-conscious fashion brand to empower women in developing countries.

The dress has already been down the red carpet once before, at the premiere of the [Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane- so it has added GCC credentials in the form of recycling! The floaty feminine corset and skirt were finished off with a pair of vibrant green Roger Vivier heels and a green clutch, also on loan from Livia’s wardrobe. Elizabeth is also wearing a necklace of Livia’s own design and created in partnership with ethical jewellery company Made, the recycled brass chain drops down the back with a smooth green heart pendant at the bottom made from soap stone.

I caught up with Elizabeth McGovern to have a quick chat about why she wanted to get involved with the GCC and in her words she gave the predominate reason being that the “style is great”; this was music to our ‘matching ethics and aesthetics’ ears. Her closing comment explains the confident grin in the red carpet photo, “I would be styled by Livia Firth any day!”


  • I had noticed that Elizabeth was wearing Livia’s dress, shoes and bag. In fact I made a comment regarding it on the Daily Mail article about tho evening. Quite a few people were saying how the Downton ladies were putting everyone else to shame (or similar), so I couldn’t let them get away with that when Livia had worn it first!