Green Carpet Challenge

The Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC) is our world-renowned communications arm.

It is a dynamic platform, pairing glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare.

From red carpets to event activations for the brands we work with, the GCC catapults sustainable style into the spotlight at the world’s most high profile events.


The GCC Brandmark is a guarantor of sustainable excellence

The GCC Brandmark has become one of the most sought after validations for global sustainability. The GCC Brandmark is awarded to individual products and collections, once they have been validated against the GCC Principles for Sustainable Excellence and also against bespoke criteria created specifically for the project.


The GCC Principles guarantee that our business partners are committed to the fundamental principles of social, ethical and environmental good business practice.

At Eco-Age, we only work with business partners who are committed to making a positive difference to society through their business models, who meet basic standards of business ethics and responsibility and who are not implicated in unacceptable corporate behaviour.

Read the 10 principles here.


The GCC Criteria are created specifically to evaluate the characteristics of individual pieces or collections.

The process may involve validating a client’s existing supply chain against GCC criteria or developing a new, sustainable supply chain that meets GCC requirements, or a combination.

The GCC Brandmark isn’t a certification and doesn’t replace third party certifications, but rather recognises best practice. Through the GCC, Eco-Age promotes continual improvement in sustainability performance and of the GCC criteria. The criteria are reviewed and updated as appropriate to share the lessons learned from previous projects. The criteria take into account best available practice, innovative solutions and appropriate certification standards that are relevant to that piece or project.

Where appropriate, Eco-Age works in partnership with appropriate NGOs, academic institutions and other relevant bodies or experts to ensure the GCC validation is robust and bespoke to the specific project.

Eco-Age also recognises pioneering brands for their leadership and innovation. Eco-Age therefore awards, at our discretion, the GCC Brandmark to pieces and collections by brands we consider can influence consumer and industry behaviour for the benefit of society and the environment.