Livia Firth presents a message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to the New York Times International Luxury Conference

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Now in its 14th year the New York Times International Luxury Conference is one of the world’s most prestigious annual forums for the global luxury business, bringing together the most senior business and creative leaders from the top echelons of the industry to share ideas and expand their international networks.  This year, the conference, convened by Deborah Needleman, editor in chief, T Magazine and Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and chief fashion critic, The New York Times, examines the convergence of the worlds of fashion, art and technology.

On the first day of the conference His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales addressed 500 of the most influential figures in the international luxury industry via video message, calling on the fashion industry to be “responsible partners with the societies and habitats that produce the materials they use”.

Livia introduced His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales by saying, “I am extremely honoured to be with you and to have been personally asked to introduce a powerful video message for this conference, from a true Renaissance man (I do know about this as I am an Italian!) and an inspirational global leader.

 He has been at the vanguard for many years of movements, which at times were seen as unfashionable, but have now been proven to be visionary in their scope. Holding a deep and passionate love for our world and its sustainable future. He profoundly believes that it is beholden on this generation to address these issues and provide solutions to safeguard the planet, not only for our children, but for future generations.

 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who could not be with us today but recorded his heartfelt message to all of you, has been a very inspiring supporter of sustainability for many years. Through his wide-ranging charitable activities, whether in nurturing young people or protecting traditional skills, and also through powerful initiatives to fight the illegal wildlife trade (which according to the INYT on Sept/15th is a $19 billion annual business), his message is about the responsibility that lies in all of us, business leaders and entrepreneurs, to work towards global sustainability and guarantee a dignified future for our children and their world.

It’s not up to me to tell you, in fact, (but I will anyway!) that we have to change some really fundamental things about the way we operate or we won’t have a future at all.

A succession of disasters, which we all know only too well, are now undermining the very stability of our society. The good news is that many of the urgent problems we need to change now, are ones which all of you here today can help address as true leaders of change.

Ladies and gentleman, I am honoured to introduce the inspiring vision of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.”