Livia Firth wins Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Award, 2017

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The Lovie Awards honoured Livia Firth as the 2017 Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur for her skilful use of the Internet in her work with Eco-Age.

Eco-Age has made great strides in fighting fast fashion and wastefulness, and Firth has made the Internet and social media an integral aspect of that success. Demonstrating that promoting sustainability is as much about changing the mindsets of consumers and business owners as it is about the actual methods of production, she uses Twitter and Instagram as platforms to spread her message. Specific initiatives like the Green Carpet Challenge are perfectly suited for social media, since they capitalise on public events and have sparked numerous collaborations and celebrity endorsements, including with Emma Watson—a particularly outspoken supporter of the GCC. In doing so, Eco-Age taps directly into vast online audiences to gain exposure. Overall, Firth’s work is inherently connected to the wider web, and her deft use of social media as both a megaphone for her ideals and as a space for collaboration with brands and public figures has created a new model for activism in the digital age. Moreover, her work directly aligns with the very same values The Lovies celebrates: inclusivity and the power of group action, and a firm belief that technology can help make the world a better place. For her outstanding work in using the Internet to promote sustainability in business from the ground up Livia Firth has been awarded the 2017 Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur.

As the European sister award to “the Internet’s Highest Honor,” (The New York Times) The Webby Awards, The Lovies celebrates the most resonant and pertinent stories in Europe, and the visionaries who are shaping the Internet as we know it. It is the most prestigious, and only truly pan-European award honouring online excellence.

The Lovie Awards’ mission is to recognise the best of the European Internet each year, from top web and creative networks and content publishers, to cultural and political organisations and Internet artists, each year.

Previous Lovie winners include Stephen Fry, Björk, Annie Lennox, Jamie Oliver, Sigur Ròs, Lily Cole, Professor Heinz Gerhauser (creator of the MP3 file format), The European Space Agency, Tom Fletcher (Former British Ambassador to Lebanon), Vic Hayes (the “Father of Wifi), French artist JR, Sophie Wilson (inventor of the ARM Microprocessor) and Tweetdeck.