Redress the World in 2017

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For some time, Eco-Age has harnessed the power of fashion to talk about some of the biggest challenges we face today, from poverty to gender equality, from education to slave labour, from climate change to migration.

Fashion – being an all spectrum industry (from agriculture to communication) – is also the second largest most polluting industry after mining and oil and one of the biggest employers of slave labour worldwide.

The good news is that, as citizens, we have huge power and we can truly drive change. Every day we get dressed so we can make a huge difference. But we need to understand the system first.

Connecting citizens with what has been called one of the best initiatives of our time – The Global Goals  – is an absolutely essential (and exciting!) task if we wish to see a path to a more sustainable and just future. Eco-Age recognises that fashion is connected to all of these goals and therefore a perfect campaigning tool to activate citizens and shift the global agenda.

How is fashion related to this 17 point plan?

To engage citizens and unleashing the power of our wardrobes, Eco-Age will launch a big campaign in 2017 to ask everyone to “Redress the world”

As part of this campaign, Eco-Age will engage in a number of activities to help navigate the hard questions: What can I wear? What should I buy? What really is a sustainable brand? Where do we draw the line? What can my brand do to be more sustainable? Can any brand be truly sustainable?

We have a fun calendar ahead of us!

2017 will be our call to action to “Redress the world” and make sure fashion claims a seat in the global political agenda.