ST KITTS AND NEVIS X GRENADA | Iridescent Fashion x Neisha La Touche



This Fashion Exchange gown was a meeting of minds and cultures. Keeanna, Shavaniece and Neisha explored their overlapping cultures to create “Sugar and Spice”, relating to a two day carnival in each country that showcases the large troupe costumes for the festivals of Sugar Mas and Spice Mas. The gown is an explosion of colour – pink, red, orange and yellow, with gold highlights, represented by bold bursts of Swarovski upcycled crystals across the bodice and finished with a plume of feathers.


“It’s time for the world to know that the Caribbean can produce the next Alexander McQueen.” So say Keeanna Ible and Shavaniece Lake, a pair of young female designers behind Iridescent, a fashion brand based in St Kitts. Keeanna and Shavaniece had a very good year in 2017, when they were asked to create an Oscar gown for Nevis native Petula Skeete, the award-winning hair stylist.

Neisha La Touche

Neisha La Touche is a Grenadian born designer, stylist and artist, renowned for her effortless designs in fashion and carnival costume design. Neisha inspired and advised on the design of this “Sugar & Spice” look, representing the carnival culture of both islands through the flamboyantly embellished bodice.