ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES X SAINT LUCIA | Fashion is Payne x Designs by Nadia



Jeremy chose hemp and organic cotton jersey for his Fashion Exchange gown, tie-dyed with locally grown turmeric. The hand-painted motifs, chosen to connect to indigenous ancestors, reflect the imagery found in local rock carvings, believed to be up to 5000 years old. Nadia Jabour from Saint Lucia completes the look with a custom necklace fashioned from copper and carved coconut shells.

Fashion is Payne

Native to St Vincent and the Grenadine Islands, Jeremy Payne is interested in all aspects of art and design, working with many local talents to explore the native culture. He is a great believer in the transformational quality of fashion, bringing a little Caribbean sunshine into the lives of the wearers.

Designs by Nadia

Guyana-born, Saint Lucia-living, Nadia Jabour combines silver and gold with pieces of nature for her Designs by Nadia jewellery collections. Seeds, wood, sea glass, stones and in fact any natural material placed in Nadia’s skilled hands will be elevated into a precious, miniature work of art. Ensuring that the raw materials she works with come from Guyana and across the Caribbean region, her designs spread a little Caribbean magic throughout the world.