Green Carpet Challenge

The Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC) is our world-renowned sustainability initiative that creates a compelling and press-worthy narrative to amplify a brand’s environmental principles.

The GCC is a sophisticated initiative that pairs glamour with ethics, serving to raise the profile of a brand on red carpets around the world, putting sustainability in the spotlight underpinned by digital disruption.


Eco-Age’s GCC Brandmark is known for guaranteeing sustainable excellence.

The GCC Brandmark is awarded to individual productions and collections that have been validated by Eco-Age and meet the GCC Principles for sustainable excellence.


The GCC Principles are a benchmark against which brands can measure themselves, showing a commitment to ethical social and environmental behaviour in the workplace and through supply chains.

At Eco-Age we help brands understand how they can add sustainability to their existing brand strategy, meeting standards of business ethics and corporate behaviours.

Read the 10 principles here.


The GCC Criteria are created specifically to evaluate the characteristics of individual pieces or collections.

The process of evaluation will involve validating a client’s supply chain, recommending new opportunities and helping implement them.

The GCC Brandmark is not a certification and doesn’t replace third party certifications, but rather recognises best practice. Through the GCC, Eco-Age promotes continual improvement in sustainability performance. The criteria take into consideration best practices, innovative solutions and appropriate certification standards that are relevant to the work.

Where appropriate, Eco-Age works in partnership with appropriate NGOs, academic institutions and experts to ensure that the GCC validation remains robust through evolving technologies.

Eco-Age also recognises pioneering brands for their leadership and innovation, and awards, at our discretion, the brandmark to pieces and collections that signicantly influence consumer and industry behaviour for the benefit of society and the environment.