The Exchanges

The Fashion Exchange focuses on talent from the 53 Commonwealth countries. Each exchange partnership was sent a brief with the Green Carpet Challenge®(GCC®)Principles of Sustainable Excellence* and asked to produce a fashion ‘look’ showcasing the creative skill and design ethos of each partner.

Because we so often fail to acknowledge the hands behind the clothes, handwork and the handwork economy has become devalued and vulnerable and it has never been more vital to raise its profile. Not least because uplifting standards and protections in the artisan fashion trades gives us the opportunity to directly address pivotal issues such as women’s rights and poverty reduction.



INDIA X TUVALU    |   Behno x Fafine Niutao I Aotearoa

MALAYSIA  |  Bernard Chandran

BANGLADESH   |   Bibi Russell

SRI LANKA   |   Buddhi Batiks

BRUNEI X SINGAPORE   |   Na Forrér x Lully Selb

PAKISTAN   |   Rizwan Beyg


SOUTH AFRICA X LESOTHO   |   Clive Rundle x House of Thethana

KENYA X ZAMBIA + KENYA   |   Deepa Dosaja x Mumwa Crafts Association + Artisan.Fashion

RWANDA X UGANDA   |   Haute Baso x Ihato

BOTSWANA X SWAZILAND   |   Izaura x Quazi Design

CAMEROON X UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA   |   Kibonen New York x Makory Mgece

NIGERIA X MALAWI   |   Nkwo Onwuka x Avec Amour

SIERRA LEONE X GHANA + THE GAMBIA  |   Sydney-Davies x Big Dread Kente + Ousman Toure, Continent Clothing

MOZAMBIQUE X MAURITIUS   |   Zinzi de Brouwer x Beautiful Local Hands



TONGA X NAURU   |   Bou Fonua x Rendina Edwards

FIJI X VANUATU + THE SEYSCHELLES   |   Hupfeld Hoerder Designs x Tousong Kalsong – Liza Garo – Marie Rorou x Anna & Rolan Payet

NEW ZEALAND X COOK ISLANDS   |   Karen Walker x Kuki Airani Creative Mamas

AUSTRALIA X SOLOMON ISLANDS   |   KitX x Pasifik Creations


CYPRUS X KIRIBATI   |   Afroditi Hera x The Kiribati Handicrafts Association

UK   |   Burberry

MALTA   |   Charles & Ron x Khushboo

UK X INDIA   |   Stella McCartney x Oshadi


JAMAICA X BELIZE    |   DrennaLUNA x MayaBags

CANADA X NAMIBIA   |   Lucian Matis x Omba Arts Trust

ST KITTS AND NEVIS X GRENADA   |   Iridescent Fashion x Neisha La Touche

ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES X SAINT LUCIA   |   Fashion is Payne x Designs by Nadia

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO X DOMINICA    |   Meiling x Dominica Arts and Crafts Producers Association

THE BAHAMAS X BARBADOS   |   Theodore Elyett x Catherine Rocheford

GUYANA X ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA   |   Shasha Designs x Launesha Barnes

CANADA  |   Tanya Taylor