The Met Ball 2013 Moschino, Carolina Herrera & Tom Ford for the GCC

Green Carpet Challenge

The Met Ball is now firmly ensconced in the Green Carpet Challenge’s history as one of the first major fashion events where we brought together aesthetics and ethics, with a little help from an A-list designer.

To be here tonight for the third consecutive year, accompanied by Colin Firth, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, all passionately walking the Green Carpet, is testament to our vision at the GCC: working with great design houses to blend the best in innovation and design history.

Traditionally seen as the one event in the year where guests dare to be different and really dress to impress, the Met Ball is always themed and this year it was the turn of Punk!

Never one to shy away from a little shock tactic, I embraced the Punk attitude with gusto and a fist full of safety pins to create a stunning Moschino-for-the-GCC gown that I’m sure you’ll love every bit as much as I did.

As befits the evening and indeed the GCC, Colin is re-wearing the stunning tuxedo Tom Ford created for him 2 years ago when he hosted the Met Ball. Elegant and classic, the tux is unmistakable Tom Ford, embodying his passion for quality and cut. I’m sure this won’t be the last time Colin will reuse it.

I’ll tell you more about my fantastic Moschino dress, but first let’s focus on an elegant, fun, delightful Hollywood couple who have graciously and rather excitedly joined us on the Green Carpet tonight to really make the GCC go with a swing – John Krasinski and Emily Blunt! (And I promise I am not biased here just because they are our friends – they truly ARE wonderful!).

Emily Blunt is no stranger to the GCC, taking up her first challenge last September in a beautiful white cocktail dress by Tori Burch. For her second GCC outing, Emily goes from light to dark in a stunning black Carolina Herrera for the GCC gown. Made with certified vintage 1960 Italian black wool fabric with a certified vintage 1940 French black silk chiffon lining, the gown is a beautifully elegant addition to the GCC. Offset with a flash of pink and an elegant Mohawk, Emily looked every inch the punk princess!


Emily said: “This is my second time participating in the GCC and I’m so excited that Carolina Herrera created this gown for me with elegance and ethics in mind…. it’s gorgeous and edgy and it thrills me to be a part of a fashion movement that hasn’t compromised itself in creativity yet has the important story of using all sustainable fabrics and techniques.”

We too are thrilled that Emily is so excited by Sustainable fashion and how could you fail to be in such a chic gown.

Indeed it is with a triumphant fanfare that we welcome Carolina Herrera to the GCC. The grand dame of American elegance, Herrera has already contributed to the GCC last year when she dressed me for my Vogue US shoot, so I was delighted that Hererra’s debut for the GCC was on the Met Ball Red Carpet.

Hererra– was equally enthusiastic saying, “The GCC inspires designing with a conscience – it’s fabulous!” And from a designer whose style epitomises classic Hollywood glamour, that’s high praise indeed!

John Krasinski wears Tom Ford for the GCC. A black grain de poudra Windsor peak lapel tuxedo with grosgrain details, the tuxedo is made with OEKOTEX ® certified, low environmental impact, European spun and woven wool suiting. The same fabric as the one used for Bradley Cooper’s 2013 Golden Globes tuxedo. John said: “I am thrilled to be participating in the GCC this year and to be doing it wearing Tom Ford? Nothing better! I have always been an enormous fan of Tom’s and feel incredibly lucky to be wearing his tuxedo. He just makes everyone look so damn good!”

Well we know that is very true and I am confident that because of this John will now reuse his tuxedo endless times like Colin does.

Tom Ford is an old friend of the GCC. Need I remind you of the stunning dress he made for Julianne Moore or of the fantastic piece he created for The Green Cut. With such past successes we are delighted to welcome him back to the GCC.

Talking of tonight’s Met Ball Tom said, “I love John Krasinski and I think it is wonderful that he is participating in the GCC, which proves that the greatest luxury is wearing beautifully made clothes that are ethically produced. I am happy to say that most of our collection is produced in this manner and we are working every season to ensure that soon everything that we produce will not only be of the highest quality but manufactured in the greenest and most ethical way.”

Needless to say we at the GCC were thrilled to hear such news!

And last but not least, there is the amazing Moschino gown I am wearing tonight. The black silk gown, with silver pin detailing (I have a peace sign on my back made of pins!) is made with OEKOTEX ® certified yarns. I love how strong yet feminine it is and I absolutely loved working with Rossella Jardini, (Moschino’s creative director and his collaborator since 1981) who said “I am proud to participate in Livia’s GCC. I have re-edited a dress for Livia that was originally made nearly 20 years ago by Franco Moschino when he was working on an ecological collection, long before anyone else was even thinking about it. Livia’s energy is hard to resist, as she is both so gentle and strong at the same time, making us all aware that the eco message today is a mission for all of us and not a mere ‘accessory’.”

Moschino was the enfant terrible of Italian fashion – an incredible artist, who famously stated “The aim of Moschino is to give the consumer total freedom. The impositions are removed, if you still like what you wore last year, wear it again this year and even next year. You can choose your clothes with the same ease that you would choose something to eat!”

We couldn’t agree more!