The Railway Man and Paul Smith

Green Carpet Challenge

Livia and Colin Firth at the premier of The Railway Man. Photo: David J Hogan/Getty

Despite the cold nights drawing in and an incessant yearning to retreat into bed at the earliest convenience, our GCC leader Livia Firth headed into town to accompany husband Colin to the premier of his new film The Railway Man, ensuring that the red carpet had a green contingent.

The film has already received international acclaim, with a standing ovation at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and universal praise for how Director Jonathan Teplitzky has handled its harrowing and poignant subject matter. Unwilling to risk a mesmerising gown or dazzling cocktail dress distracting from the stunning nature of the film, Livia recycled a GCC classic in the form of a perfectly tailored suit by Paul Smith.

Jeremy Irvine, Director Jon Taplitsky, Patti Lomax and Colin Firth

Jeremy Irvine, Director Jonathan Teplitsky, Patti Lomax and Colin Firth

Working to GCC criteria, Paul Smith was able to source the right ethical wool from an Italian mill that he has worked with on a daily basis for many years. “They’re an Italian mill that’s very conscious of the world, climate change and ecology,” he says. ‘They just have a good attitude.” Collaborating with Paul Smith has been an absolute pleasure, and the suit has graced many an event since. In this case Livia chose to team it with green satin Roger Vivier heels, adding a sparkle of colour that carried our underlying ‘green message’ onto the red carpet. The incredible earrings were provided by our partner Chopard, infusing a slice of classic glamour into the outfit.

Paul Smith and Livia Firth

Paul Smith and Livia Firth

“It’s such a beautiful contrast to the more Cinderella gowns I’ve been wearing,” says Livia, as she tries on the very sophisticated and beautifully cut tapered trousers and tuxedo. Livia continues, “I LOVE Paul Smith and everything about him. His style, his control over his supply chain and his passion behind everything he does. In fact, I have a bit of a crush on him.”

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