TONGA X NAURU | Bou Fonua x Rendina Edwards



Bou selected Feta’aki for her design, a papery material made from the bark of the Mulberry tree, and lined with raw silk. The Feta’aki represents the cultural wealth of Tonga, dating back many centuries, and used as a sign of respect in gift-giving. The silk is also made from the mulberry tree and signifies wealth and prosperity. The look has been completed with traditionally inspired hand-made jewellery made by Rendina Edwards from Nauru.

Bou Fonua

Bou has been designing her elegant signature dresses for some time, winning the approval of the South Pacific Islands, and as far as America and London for the high quality of her fabrics, and the flattering drapes of her creations to enhance the female form. Bou’s designs feature traditionally inspired hand painted prints placed onto rich, regal palettes of cotton and silk. Bou draws inspiration from her Tongan roots and ensures that each piece carries her signature motifs. Bou revamped the traditional Tongan Puletaha, giving it a modern interpretation. Showing at Milan Fashion Week in 2017, Bou’s deeply pigmented eveningwear, embroidered with geometric borders in golden threads, attracted the attention of an international clientele.

Rendina Edwards

Rendina Edwards is from Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia.