Our Team

Slide Amie Tran Brittany Johnston ~PR Assistant Becca Hesketh ~Account Manager Charlotte Turner Chloe Stephenson ~sustainability analyst Daniela Gallucci ~legal counsel Stefanie Smith ~Project Manager Fiona Robinson ~project director Miki Haines-Sanger ~Content and Digital Consultant Jenny Campbell Nicola Giuggioli ~Founder and Director Eleonora Recchi ~account manager Filippo Sessa ~Head of Technical Team Fiona Cartmel ~sustainability consultant Giulia Ferragni Ramaioli ~Business Coordinator Harriet Vocking ~chief brand officer James White ~Chief Financial Officer Juhi Shareef ~global strategic adviser Hannah Peacock ~Executive Coordinator Livia Firth ~founder and creative director Massimo Leonardelli ~consultant Nafisah Boateng ~Senior Account Manager Simon Whitehouse Pe-Jae Brooks ~Head of PR Philippa Grogan ~fashion & textiles assistant Hannah Carroll ~Social Media Editor ~Account Executive ~ADVISER ~Associate Design Director Leadership THE COMMUNICATIONS TEAM THE DIGITAL TEAM THE TECHNICAL TEAM ADMINISTRATION CONSULTANTS ~Chief Executive Officer