Eco-Age has supported Candiani Denim on both strategy and product, through the development of a formalised sustainability strategy and GRI aligned reporting and led the launch of the world’s first biodegradable stretch denim made with Candiani’s patented plant-based COREVA™ Stretch Technology.

The Brief
Candiani asked Eco-Age to support both its sustainability strategy and reporting, and product communication. Eco-Age was asked to help formalise their sustainability-focused work to date, and lead communications for the global launch of Candiani’s revolutionary technology, COREVA™.

Our Work With Them

Candiani is known for its commitment to sustainability and tireless efforts to develop ground-breaking new technologies. COREVA™ Stretch Technology is a step closer to a truly circular model in which raw materials become fabric, then garment, and then return to nature thanks to their biodegradability. 


Made from organic cotton wrapped around a natural rubber core, the result is a yarn that is completely plastic-free. By replacing conventional synthetic and petrol-based elastomers with a new, custom-engineered component, Candiani has created an innovative biodegradable stretch denim fabric – without compromising the elasticity, physical qualities, and durability of jeans. 


Eco-Age and Candiani launched COREVA™ in November 2019 in collaboration with research and development partner DENHAM the Jeanmaker with the ‘Life is Movement’ collection. This was quickly followed by Stella McCartney debuting the COREVA™ Stretch Technology denim as part of its Autumn 2020 collection, available in-store and online globally from May 2020.


Each year an estimated 25 billion unused garments are sent to landfills or incinerated, most are made with petroleum- based synthetic elastomers and these fibres can take up to hundreds of years to decompose. Candiani’s plan to offer COREVA™ technology on a global scale at an accessible price would see a dramatic improvement in the sustainability credentials of the global denim industry.


To ground its product and communications strategy, Eco-Age has also been providing ongoing support on the development of a formalised sustainability strategy, and annual reporting aligned with GRI standards.

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