We worked with Chopard to launch The Journey to Sustainable Luxury – Chopard’s commitment to sourcing responsibly throughout its supply chain, which has resulted in reform across the supply chain and seen Chopard jewellery receive over €200 million in media value.

The Brief
Chopard, determined to drive the industry towards more sustainable and ethical practices, asked us to help them develop and deliver their sustainability strategy.

Our Work With Them

Working together with the luxury brand, in 2012, we created, implemented and communicated ‘The Journey to Sustainable Luxury’ – Chopard’s long-term Sustainability Strategy.

Through our continued work with Chopard over the years, The Journey to Sustainable Luxury has delivered a comprehensive range of unique outcomes.

Chopard forged a philanthropic relationship with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), providing social welfare, education and training to artisanal miners, whilst protecting natural resources and wildlife habitats in rural Colombia and Bolivia.

In 2014, Chopard made a commitment to 100% Fairmined Gold, which to this day continues to enhance customer engagement and sales in all key territories as well as engagement from key opinion formers and celebrities.

Key milestones:

  • Cannes 2014 – we premiered the first ever Cannes Palme d’Or made from Fairmined gold
  • Baselworld 2014 – the launch of the first L.U.C. Tourbillon watch made with Fairmined gold and premiered by Colin Firth
  • May 2015 – Co-President Caroline Scheufele launched Chopard’s first diffusion line in Fairmined gold
  • 2017- launched the Ice Cube Pure Collection, showcasing watches and jewellery fashioned from Fairmined gold.

In 2015 we created, launched and hosted “Chopard Eco-Age FuturesTM Roundtable” in order to bring together leading industry professionals to further build sustainable solutions in the jewellery and mining industry. This bespoke event first took place in Paris with Livia Firth, Caroline Scheufele and Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, President International, New York Times Company. The second roundtable, in 2016, was on the first day of the International New York Times Luxury Conference in Versailles.


Find out more about Chopard’s Journey to Sustainable Luxury.

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