We created a bespoke sustainability benchmark for Reformation in order to assess the brand’s social and environmental performance, leading to customer engagement and education, and a series of holistic commitments.

The Brief
Reformation wanted to challenge themselves to evolve and be better, so they asked Eco-Age to assess how responsible they are as a brand, in comparison to a number of peers in the fashion space.

Our Work With Them

We developed a tool and scoring system to evaluate Reformation and several other brands across twelve different areas of sustainability.


We examined which sustainability issues are incorporated across 16 recognised international sustainability and fashion industry frameworks. Issues included in more than 55% of frameworks were indicated as important and were incorporated into the final benchmark.


We then created a bespoke benchmark, collating common practices as well as leading initiatives per topic using the industry frameworks reviewed.


Thanks to our work, Reformation published the results of our benchmark in their 2020 report, and based on our recommendations for improvement have committed to:

  • Develop an internal Sustainability Advisory Board
  • Reduce packaging usage whenever possible and source plastic-free options
  • Develop guidance material for suppliers and store operations teams to further reduce their energy and water use and waste generation
  • Develop green building and operations guidance for stores.
Fashion & Retail
Social and Environmental Performance Review