APPAREAL has been awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of designing for durability and ease of care over passing trends, as well as creating garments using fabrics with recycled content in a localised supply chain.

Rocket scientist turned business founder Olesya dreamed of having more time to live her most stylish life while juggling work and being a Mum. As she rushed to get dressed each day, her favourite dresses always seemed to be waiting patiently to be ironed or taken to the dry cleaner. Thus, APPAREAL was born.


Working with innovative fabrics, the APPAREAL range is crafted to eliminate the need for dry cleaning, helping to avoid the harmful environmental impact associated with the process. APPAREAL sources as much of its fabric as possible from suppliers relying on solar power and uses recycled fabrics such as ECONYL® where possible too. All fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified.

APPAREAL challenges norms in female fashion on multiple levels, reapplying techniques used to make high-tech fabrics for sports and car interiors and thus opening up a world of design possibilities.