HURR Collective has been awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of championing circularity through the first peer-to-peer garment rental service. HURR Collective aims to have a minimal impact through the use of RePack reusable packaging and by partnering with a responsible dry cleaning service, as well as second-hand garment charity, Traid.

Fashion is a vast industry that impacts people and the planet. HURR has established a way to partner people and technology to deliver a streamlined rental process that connects forward-thinking women, allowing them to share their wardrobes and take even better care of the planet we all love.


HURR is more than a way to rent and lend wardrobes, it’s a collective of women who believe renting makes economic and environmental sense. HURR allows you to join a network of like-minded indivudals who access fashion for a fraction of the retail price and turn their wardrobes into investments. Whether you are looking for that perfect party piece, Sunday brunch casual glam or a showstopping wedding look, HURR’s got you covered.

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