Shleep has been awarded the Eco-Age brandmark in recognition of the creation of a brand with wellbeing at its heart, innovating with natural fibres to positively impact the bedding, sleepwear and sleep accessory market through the development of ShleepTight™ and ShleepSkin™ fabrics.

Shleep makes luxury Merino wool bedding and sleep products for the whole family. They are stitched, sewn and woven by craftsmen from materials born of the purest sleep source on earth. But they do not do it for the sleep itself. What they really care about is being more awake. And being more yourself when you are. Because that’s the whole point of the best quality sleep anyway, isn’t it?

Many mistakenly think of all wool as itchy or scratchy or hot, welcome to the dreamy reality of Australian Merino — the sheep that produce the wool Shleep use.


Their fibre and Shleep’s fabric are so fine, so uncannily soft and smooth, that, when it surrounds you, it can soothe you to sleep 25% faster (than cotton or synthetics). Plus, Shleep products naturally wick away perspiration from your skin, so your body stays dry, your temperature remains even, and you get 25% more deep, restorative, REM-rich sleep, compared to other materials.

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