Tropas Shoes

Tropas has been awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of the creation of footwear designed for a circular system, using post-consumer jeans to create shoes that can be disassembled and recycled at the end of their life. Tropas works with social initiatives to create meaningful and respectful jobs for disadvantaged communities.

While visiting shoe factories in China, Belgian founder and designer Caro Peirs was baffled by the poor working conditions she saw and experienced. Caro had a clear vision of how shoes should be produced and in 2018 decided to start her own sustainably-focused shoe brand, Tropas.


Tropas believes that people have the right to look good in a stylish pair of shoes, and that workers and the environment shouldn’t pay the price. Tropas shoes are made from local, Belgian, post-consumer jeans. The denim is collected, washed and cut by local social workplaces and there is no glue between the upper and outsole making the shoes easy to disassemble and recycle.


Tropas is Spanish for ‘troops’ – a collection of warriors who are fighting for a better world and doing it in style.

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