We are experienced in working with companies across different sectors, developing responsible business strategies to improve their long-term performance. Working together, we devise innovative solutions to help our clients define and achieve their sustainability goals, mitigate risk, and engage their priority stakeholders.


From supply chain assessments and sustainable materials support, to training and public reporting, we provide a varied set of services backed up by expert industry knowledge and experience.

Our Services

  • Materiality Analysis

    We help our clients to identify the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that might impact their businesses and stakeholders.

  • Social and Environmental Performance Review

    We help our clients to assess their current sustainability performance and positioning against competitors, as well as best practice in the sector in order to identify their strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We help our clients to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy that ensures they engage with their external and internal stakeholders in the most effective and efficient way.

  • Sustainability Commitments

    We help our clients identify the key priorities within their businesses and establish long term objectives for years to come.

  • Sustainability Plan & KPIs

    We help our clients to identify key actions that will improve the environmental and social performance of their businesses, setting measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track sustainability progress and ensure continuous improvement.

  • Sustainability and CSR Reporting

    We help our clients to communicate their sustainability achievements in their annual report, in alignment with international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative or SASB.

  • Voluntary Reporting Initiatives

    We help our clients to complete submissions to voluntary reporting initiatives (DJSI, GRESB, CDP) and support data collection and analysis. We help develop sustainability plans to improve future performance.

  • Event Sustainability Management System

    We help assess and continuously improve the sustainability performance of our clients’ events in line with international standards such as ISO 20121.

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment

    We help our clients to assess potential environmental and social risks within their supply chain, and develop solutions aimed at mitigating these risks.

  • Assessment of Suppliers' ESG Practices

    We help our clients to assess the social and environmental performance of their suppliers and can work with them to adapt internal sourcing procedures in alignment with ESG criteria.

  • Sustainable Procurement Strategy

    We help our clients develop sustainable procurement guidelines, policies and systems to support their teams throughout the procurement process.

  • Materials Sourcing Strategy

    We assess the potential risks and impacts of our clients’ materials sourcing practices, and develop systems to adopt solutions that reduce their social and environmental impacts and enhance supply chain traceability.

  • Sustainability Training

    We design and deliver tailored training for our clients’ stakeholders on strategic and technical sustainability-related topics, to increase awareness and knowledge on social and environmental best practices.

A Few of Our Case Studies