Charlotte Turner

Charlotte is Head of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles at Eco-Age. She is experienced in helping brands and textile manufacturers to understand, manage and improve their social and environmental performance through undertaking sustainability assessments, developing and implementing sustainability tools and strategies, and introducing alternative materials and processes to supply chains. Charlotte has worked with numerous start-up and established brands to help embed sustainability within business practice, and communicate transparently with diverse audiences. She promotes education and knowledge sharing with industry, government, consumer and student audiences through associate lecturing, advocacy, writing, media and events.

Charlotte graduated from the London College of Fashion with a 1st Class Honours degree in Fashion Design and Development with a focus on sustainability. Her career began within design and production for international fashion brands before she decided to fully focus on how we can design, manufacture and use clothing, accessories and textiles in more ethically and ecologically positive ways. Before joining Eco-Age, Charlotte spent several years working at The Sustainable Angle and Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and as Associate Lecturer at the London College of Fashion.