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Communicating in the Current Climate

In this unprecedented time, when how we live, work and think has suddenly changed, we need to adjust also on how we communicate on our digital channels.

How do we acknowledge the COVID-19 crisis, making sure our online messaging is aligned to our company values and digital identity in the current context? 

As we adjust to a new normal, one thing we have noticed is a huge shift in the qualities that we, as a society, are starting to value. In the midst of turmoil, people are rediscovering friendships and a sense of community. Stories of solidarity are making global news. We are finally talking about ‘sustainability’ in the real sense of the word – how we will sustain ourselves and each other through this? 

For brands, this is an important sign: as we try to navigate a new business landscape, we also need to change the way we communicate to reflect the current context, by showing kindness over consumption and people over product. People are searching for the human side behind brands, and there is no better time to show yours. At Eco-Age, our mission has long been to create communication strategies based on purpose and values, and in the face of COVID-19, we wanted to support you by sharing some guidelines to help you adapt your digital tone of voice to the current climate.


Our top tips for brand messaging

Acknowledge the situation

It isn’t business as usual at the moment, and our digital channels can reflect this. Acknowledging the situation shows solidarity, recognising the need for a change in tone amid the crisis. Explain how your company is adapting to the current context, and perhaps use this opportunity to share a letter from your founder – adding a more human touch to your communicatons. 

Speak about your values

Amid a time of crisis, there has been global resurgence of values. Themes of community, solidarity and sustainability have returned to daily discussions, and this conversation can be opened up to brands as well. Rather than campaigns based purely on product, this is an opportunity to communicate your company values, and the work you have been doing in sustainability. Spread positivity by focusing your messaging on the principals behind what you do and encourage others to participate in the discussion.

Show your human side

Use this time to focus on humanity. Take a moment to speak about the people behind your brand, and how they are adapting to the changing times. Exposing your human side creates a sense of empathy, uniting the faces that make up your supply chain. Perhaps adapt your tone-of-voice to a more personal way of speaking or alter the assets you are sharing to focus on people instead of product.

Connect with your community

It is a rare occurrence that all around the world, people are united in a common situation. The ensuing sense of togetherness has been astonishing, as people unite to help both support those in need and uplift each others’ spirits. In a time in which many people are feeling isolated, connect with your digital community; ask questions and encourage them to share their stories too. Even include them in online tutorials and workshops, keeping them engaged and gifting them an activity to do at home. 

The beauty is in the balance

In a situation that can feel overwhelming, the beauty really is in balancing reactive communications with unrelated, uplifting content to ensure a sense of normality. Continuing to publish regular campaigns alongside tailored posts can be a reassuring break, when sensitive and appropriate. We are in times of change, but brands can continue to be a way of escapism for their communities. 

Stay sensitive

Most importantly, make sure the tone and subject of your digital communications is sensitive to the current context. Be aware of the climate in which your message will be received; making sure it will be perceived in the right way. While outdoor activities, weddings and travel may be untimely, campaigns around connection, humanity and community will be perfectly placed.


Let's Stand #EcoTogether

#EcoTogether is a way to unite digital audiences around the globe with messages of positivity. The work that we have been doing together in sustainability is an inherently positive story that we can share with the world, particularly as society begins to reassess the way we work and live, and what the future will hold. This is our time to show that the Eco-Age family, which you are a big part of, is playing its part in shaping a positive future for both people and planet. 

From now on, every time you post about how your company makes a positive impact during the current situation (by for example manufacturing medical equipment, supporting local communities or providing online resources), or when you encourage conversation inviting your community to share their thoughts – add  #EcoTogether to your posts and feel part of the family shaping the future we want to have.


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