18th of September 2018

Fashion-scapes:Short movies on sustainable fashion

By Eco-Age
18th of September 2018

Forever Tasmania
Short movies on sustainable fashion.
Presenter: Livia Firth
Director: Andrew Morgan
Run time: 13:43
Release date: Earth Day

Be a smarter fashion consumer and you can be a custodian of the earth, says Livia Firth in a new short-form documentary released on Earth Day.
Livia Firth’s journey with Eco-Age for sustainable fashion leads her to Tasmania where fine-wool growers have a long history and an important future.
In Fashion-Scapes: Forever Tasmania Livia Firth journeys into a new supply chain to one of the earth’s most biodiverse regions to meet wool growers turned earth-defenders. The incredible landscape famed for both its biological and aesthetic importance are captured in a stunning new short movie directed by Andrew Morgan (The True Cost, The Heretic).
Over the past decade, Eco-Age has become known for championing sustainable production and for telling the ecological and human stories behind the clothes we wear. Creative Director and Founder of Eco-Age, Livia Firth, has followed the fashion supply chain across continents, taking in factories and fibres, driven by the search to find production that allows the planet to set the limits.
“All too often we’re witnessing production travelling in the wrong direction. Increased volumes and the use of vast quantities of petroleum based, synthetic fibres suggest this model is consequence free. It isn’t,” she said. “But in Tasmania I found growers producing fine wool for the global apparel industry with a deep understanding of the need to work within the earth’s biological capacity. They were clear that their role was not just as fibre producers, but equally as custodians of this incredible landscape. When someone has changed over 20 years to embrace sustainability so deeply, that is very moving - not to mention, instructive.”
The film shows Livia Firth experiencing the landscape, the way of life and farming first hand as she meets a range of wool growers. Some were trapped in a boom-bust-cycle of increasing flock patterns and trying to produce through drought and floods before they made a decisive shift. Now they have embarked on an ambitious conservation arc, pledging to help restore the landscape and preserve both the environment and the fibre for future generations.
As well as drawing on the emotional connection to landscape by wool growers, the film tackles the issue of the growing use of synthetic fibres in fashion and the impact of that choice. Washing clothes made from synthetic fibres, causes tiny plastic fibres to shed, travel through wastewater treatment plants into public waterways. It is projected that by 2050 an enormous 22 million tonnes of microfibres will end up as marine pollution.
“We live in an age where 100 billion new garments are produced each year from virgin fibre, increasingly synthetics. These don’t degrade and are essentially without value. Now we know they become ocean pollution,” said director Andrew Morgan who travelled the world of fashion supply chains for the 2014 hit documentary The True Cost. “If we don’t want this future we must make smart, value-led choices. Purchasing garments from the type of fine wool produced by the growers I met in Tasmania who are direct custodians helps us to become custodians too.’”
Fashion-scapes is a series of short-form documentaries exploring sustainability issues.
Forever Tasmania is the first in the series. 


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Eco-Age has explored and interrogated the fashion supply chain over many years, not only to uncover the dark side of the industry but also to highlight the opportunities of substantive, sustainable reform. In Fashion-scapes Eco-Age seeks out producers who balance ecology and social empowerment to create meaningful change.

Livia Firth
Livia Firth is the Creative Director of sustainability consultancy Eco-Age and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). She is renowned for creating compelling frameworks and campaigns for environmental and social justice with global reach. A founding member of Annie Lennox’s ‘The Circle’, a powerful women’s advocacy group, she recently presented the findings of The Circle’s Living Wage report to the EU Commission. Livia is a UN Leader of Change and has also been recognised with the UN Fashion 4 Development Award. She is a powerful communicator on progressive change; her keynote addresses include to the World Economic Forum. 
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan is an internationally recognized filmmaker focused on telling stories for a better tomorrow, including feature documentaries The True Cost (Netflix 2015) and The Heretic (2018).  His experience includes a broad range of work that spans narrative and documentary storytelling for multiple film and new media projects that have been filmed and released all over the world. The New York Times described his unique style as “gentle, humane investigations” and Vogue Magazine wrote that it is “evidence that each of us can act as a catalyst for change within our own lives and work together towards a greater good.” He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School where he majored in cinematography and now lives in LA with his wife and producing partner Emily along with their four kids.

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