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Case study 

Gucci GCC Passport

Eco-Age facilitated a partnership between GUCCI, The National Wildlife Federation and The Rainforest Alliance to launch the first zero-deforestation certification for leather in the world.

As a leading luxury brand, Gucci wanted to ensure its leather products were not linked to deforestation.
Each piece was guaranteed to have caused zero-deforestation and comes complete with its own passport, detailing the exact history of its chain of supply – from the birth of the cow to the creation of the final product. The leather used comes from cattle ranches that have achieved Rainforest Alliance certification – which covers environmental criteria as well as the ethical treatment of the animals – a first for a leather collection.  
The bags were launched in 2023 during Paris Fashion Week 2013 and “set new standards in traceability and ecological certification”, ensuring that all Brazilian cow hides used are legally and ethically produced.