31st of August 2018

The launch of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018

By Eco-Age
31st of August 2018

The luxury fashion industry drives towards global sustainable goals as The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia returns for 2018

Milan, March 21st: Carlo Capasa (Chairman, CNMI), Livia Firth (Founder and Creative Director, Eco-Age) and Cristina Tajani (City of Milan Cabinet Member for Labor Policies,Business, Fashion and Design Municipality of Milan), Piergiorgio Borgogelli (General Manager, ITA) today announced The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2018 (GCFA). The announcement ignites the search for the next Franca Sozzani GCC Emerging Designer recipient and an evaluation of the world famous Italian network of fashion producers and artisans working with renowned global brands. The celebration of the very best will take place at Teatro alla Scala, September 23rd 2018, during Milan Fashion Week. 

Now in their second year, the GCFA, Italia celebrate the best in sustainability in the luxury fashion chain. They reflect the commitment of luxury fashion houses to sustainability, as they work to embrace rapid change while preserving the heritage and authenticity of small-scale producers.

‘I am delighted to announce the return of the awards process,’ said Carlo Capasa ‘The world has a small window to reach globally agreed targets on climate change, poverty alleviation and social justice. Within this challenge lie immense opportunities. Camera della Moda has been working for years on setting strong sustainability guidelines that are the result of the commitment of CNMI Commission on Sustainability, guided by Gucci together with Giorgio Armani, Prada, Valentino, Versace, and of the Working group on Sustainability, established by CNMI since 2011. Our brands represent the downstream of the value chain and they made themselves the first promoters of the change among the supply chain and the whole fashion industry.  Our supply chain of Italian manufacture and artisans is agile enough to embrace sustainable innovation, and an inherently sustainable way of producing high quality, sustainable fashion. It is a supply chain rich in exemplars. Their stories, knowledge and values are key to driving sustainable progress in this industry.’ said Carlo Capasa.

The Handprint of Fashion was announced as the underlying theme of this year’s awards process. ‘We often talk of the ecological footprint of the fashion we produce,’ said Livia Firth, ‘But a narrow focus on environmental accounting ignores some of the other facets inherent in truly sustainable supply chains. By talking about the handprint of fashion we also include the decent livelihoods, community cohesion and cultural value that is abundant in Italy’s artisan- driven supply chains.’

‘The value of the handprint translates into marketplace value,’ said Carlo Capasa, ‘Part of CNMI’s extensive sustainability remit is focused on nurturing these partnerships between our members, world-leading brands and Italian producers. The brands play a very important role to drive the supply chain towards sustainable practices and productions. The dialogue between fashion companies and suppliers is crucial having them on board is of paramount importance to act together as a system.’

It was also announced that the GFCA Italia will feature an immersive snapshot of production, alongside the ceremony during Milan fashion Week, September 2018. La Scala’s garden square will be transformed into the Garden of the Artisan. ‘It is critical that the public get to see as much of this incredible supply chain as possible, up close,’ said Carlo Capasa ‘not least because we want to inspire the next generation of producers to work in this supply chain.’

‘A new edition of an international event like the Green Carpet Fashion Awards at the September 2018 Fashion Week means that sustainability and environmental issues in general have been effectively placed at the centre of the entire fashion industry’s agenda, from design to production. Thanks to its trade fairs and the presence here of all the main Made in Italy operators, but above all events like this one, Milan has regained its status as an international forum for delicate issues that can no longer be put off, such as sustainability and the safeguarding of the quality of labour in the fashion industry,’ said Trade, Productive Activities, Fashion and Design counsellor Cristina Tajani, adding that ‘the Green Carpet Fashion Awards are part of a bigger strategy to promote Italian know-how in subsequent Fashion Weeks and make Milan the showcase of Made in Italy.’

‘The Green Carpet Fashion Awards are a key opportunity to assert the value added of the Italian fashion industry. Results on international markets (up 4.8% on 2017) show very strong performance by the entire Italian fashion system on European markets and key markets like China (up 16.5%) and Russia (up 13.7%). The theme of sustainability is crucial for promoting the high quality of Made in Italy value chains, but also for leveraging the purchasing segments that are driving the new export channels, such as e-commerce, and putting customer experience to the forefront. If we remember that nearly 50% of Millennials see eco-friendliness as one of the main purchase drivers, we will immediately understand the massive potential involved. Potential we can tap into through ICE’s digital promotion on foreign marketplaces and with the major global e-tailers in this trade, which are already an integral part of an increasingly omnichannel promotion setup. The Italian fashion industry is to the forefront in offering new solutions geared to sustainability and is showing an integrated approach committed to long-term progress. This is an unique advantage in intercepting growing demand on international markets and rising to the challenges of sustainability.’ Said Piergiorgio Borgogelli, General Manager of ITA.

Keeping to the theme of new talent, The CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition, which is part of the GCFA, is supported by The Bicester Village Shopping Collection by Value Retail. The competition challenges emerging designers worldwide to redefine sustainability in fashion, drawing on the Italian supply chain. Designers worldwide apply via an online application form available here. 

Desirée Bollier, Chair - Value Retail Management, said: ‘We are delighted to continue our partnership with Eco-Age and CNMI. The CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition is an important initiative, which underpins Value Retail’s commitment to the discovery of emerging design talent and the future of the fashion industry. We’re very excited to see what new ideas this year will bring and look forward to welcoming the next wave of finalists to our successful tailor-made mentorship programme later in the year.’  

This year’s stellar judging panel for thr CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition includes Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief Vogue UK, Derek Blasberg, CNN Style, Ellie Goulding, singer, songwriter and UN Goodwill Ambassador, and seminal fashion decision makers including Kelly Wong (Lane Crawford), Natalie Kingham, Fashion and Buying Director MATCHESFASHION.COM and Desirée Bollier, Chair - Value Retail Management. Quotes from judges available on request. 

The five finalists of the competition including the Winner of The Franca Sozzani GCC Emerging Designer award will each participate in The Bicester Village Shopping Collection 12-month mentorship programme by Value Retail. Working with handpicked mentors from across Europe and China, the finalists will benefit from global expertise in fashion, retail, supply chain management, consumer insight, brand building, tourism, marketing and distribution to help them reach their true creative and commercial potential. The designers will also have their collections featured in The Creative Spot, a platform dedicated to showcase new talents at Fidenza Village, just outside of Milan. Furthermore, the winner will have the opportunity to present at Milan Fashion Week in February 2019 supported by CNMI.

A complete list of the awards for The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2018 will be announced during the Venice Film Festival, August 2018.


Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), in collaboration with Eco-Age, and with the support of The Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the patronage of the Municipality of Milan,  established the world’s first Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia in 2017.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia 2017 culminated in a stunning global first – “The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia” at Teatro alla Scala, in Milan in September 2017. This event celebrated Italy’s greatest designers and luxury brands together with emerging designers for the first time. 

The yearly competition – a partnership between Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Eco-Age and Value Retail – challenges emerging designers to pair ethics with aesthetics by creating a bespoke look celebrating Italian craftsmanship and sustainable innovation. After an initial call for entries, a short list of ten designers will be judged by a panel of fashion industry insiders to create the final list of five. The five finalists will each participate in an inspiring and highly immersive 12 months mentoring program with Value Retail. Working with handpicked mentors from across Europe and China, the finalists will benefit from global expertise in fashion, retail, supply chain management, consumer insight, brand building, marketing and distribution to help them reach their true creative and commercial potential. Last year, Tiziano Guardini was awarded the Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer which was presented to him by Naomi Campbell and Sara Sozzani Maino.

The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion) is the non profit making Association which disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion. The Association represents all the highest cultural values of Italian Fashion. It aims to protect, co-ordinate and strengthen its image, both in Italy and abroad.

Sustainability is one of the pillars of CNMI’s strategy and an issue on which it has been active for years, also through the setting up of a Sustainability Working Group.

Its commitment began at the beginning of 2012 with the publication of the “Manifesto of sustainability for Italian fashion”, which set forth a 10-point plan for responsible and sustainable fashion. This was followed by the publication of “Guidelines on eco-toxicological requisites for clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories” in February 2016, a document produced in collaboration with Sistema Moda Italia, Altagamma, Federchimica, Associazione Tessile e Salute and Unic. In september 2017 CNMI published the “Principles for Sustaianble Retailing”, a document that makes recommendations on design criteria and methods offering optimum bio-climatic qualities and architectural performance for sales premises. Produced by the Goldmann & Partners Applied Sustainability Study Centre (with endorsement by the National Bio-architecture Institute and the Textiles and Health Association), the document provides a simple and immediately applicable summary of all the practices that can help achieve optimum design.

The Sustainability Working Group has completed guidelines on the use of chemical substances in production processes and has been engaged for some time on the study of other basic issues such as raw materials sourcing, supply chain control (also through the sharing of audits) and social and environmental responsibility.
The objective is to implement this roadmap by the end of 2020, thus achieving full actuation of the “Manifesto of sustainability for Italian fashion”. Since 2016, CNMI has also been on the Economic Development Ministry’s Fashion and Accessories Committee, along with all the other key organizations and associations in the fashion sector. Said Committee has set up a special working group on sustainability which is chaired by CNMI and Sistema Moda Italia.

CNMI is carrying forward communication, education and training initiatives across the entire industry to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of the world’s perception of Italy and Italian fashion. As part of this strategy, the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia have been designed to relaunch the brand Made in Italy and its commitment to ethics and sustainability.

Eco-Age is a brand and marketing consultancy specializing in sustainability and founder of The Green Carpet Challenge. We occupy a unique space in the marketing/communications arena, with unparalleled expertise in sustainability, supply-chain, content creation, marketing, event-planning, internal and external communications and PR. Over the past ten years, Eco-Age has developed considerable connections with the world’s most influential voices in sustainability and is able to drive global debate, focusing on positive social and environmental impact. 

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