Say it with...5 Ethical Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

By Jil Carrara

Make your Valentine's Day greener with these ethical gifts for both your loved one and yourself. 

Updated: 5.2.2020

While we think that love should be celebrated every day of the year, February 14th serves as a little reminder to tell your loved ones and yourself just how much you love them. The day of love, however, can have quite a big impact on the planet and the people further down the supply chain. 

From plastic novelty gifts and decorations that end up discarded shortly after the big day and clutter the planet with waste; to a dozen red roses that are usually grown in South America and Africa with the use of pesticides that pollute the soil and are picked by a huge workforce of women (are they being paid a living wage?); and chocolates that may or may not be slave and child-labour free, Valentine's Day, like any other commercialised holiday, throws up a number of sustainable challenges.  This year, though, why not make your red valentine a little greener with these conscious gifts: 

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Say it with...5 Ethical Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day