Best Eco Book Ideas for Christmas

By Jil Carrara

If you're looking for book ideas to gift (or ask for) this Christmas, here's a list of our favourite eco, environmental and wellness books:

updated: 01.11.19

Books are probably the best and most welcomed Christmas gifts and there is no better time to start a new read than during the holidays, cuddled up on the sofa drinking a hot chocolate. If your new year's resolution is to read more, asking for one of these inspiring, thought-provoking and beautiful books is the perfect opportunity to get started. For anyone looking for a regular reading commitment in 2020, join our book club

Here are some of our favourite eco books, covering wellness, sustainability, social justice, the environment and food:

(Make sure to buy e-books on your kindle / iPad or find second-hand copies where possible to save some trees. FSC certified paper is also good, so look out for the label.)


Best Eco Book Ideas for Christmas