The 8 Best Eco Hotels and Holiday Cottages in the UK

By Liz Wootton

From trendy city hotels to hidden fairytale cottages, Liz Wootton takes us through some of the best eco-friendly lodgings the UK has to offer.

Whilst we all love to travel, by doing it we are (somewhat ironically) damaging the planet we are trying so hard to discover - with tourism accounting for nearly one-tenth of the world’s carbon emissions

While it is pretty unrealistic to assume that people will just simply stop going on holiday (and travel is still one of best ways to learn more about the world and its inhabitants), there are still many ways in which we can make our trips less damaging on the environment. One great way of doing this is to choose a ‘staycation’ for your next break over flying away somewhere exotic. Another is to opt to stay at hotels with eco-friendly credentials - of which the UK, very luckily, has a phenomenal selection. 

If the term ‘eco-hotel’ conjures up mental images of swaying treehouses or else a yurt in the middle of a field for you, then it’s time to think again. As much as we love yurts, these eco-conscious lodgings are full-on brick and mortar, with all the facilities you’d ever need for that special sustainable staycation. Some of them are even in the heart of bustling cities - eco-travel has never looked so good!

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The 8 Best Eco Hotels and Holiday Cottages in the UK