The Best Eco Wellness Retreats in the UK

By Jil Carrara

Looking to escape the stresses of daily life on a wellness retreat without harming the planet?  Here are some of our favourites.


Wellness retreats are on the rise with a new one seemingly popping up on our Instagram feed every other week - and that’s a good thing! When the Selfcare Sunday just won’t quite do it and you physically and mentally feel the need to retreat into a different space surrounded by nature practicing some yoga, pilates or meditation, and simply resetting, a wellness retreat is the perfect place to start. Last week we got to sample a little taster of the incredible Conscious Living Retreat by Your Ideal Fit and were absolutely blown away by all the carefully considered environmentally-friendly details it had to offer. It also proved, that you don’t have to travel halfway around the world for a week of wellness, leaving behind a significant carbon footprint,  because the English countryside is just as beautiful and nourishing.

For our conscious readers, here are all the best eco wellness resorts in the UK.   

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The Best Eco Wellness Retreats in the UK