Our Favourite Ethical Yoga Brands

By Liz Wootton

Liz Wootton shares her pick of the best ethical yoga brands, so your practice can be as good for the planet as it is for your body and mind.

Updated: March 1st 2020

Yoga means different things to different people: some view it as a chance to relax and unwind, whilst others relish the challenge of twisting and bending their bodies into pretzel-like shapes or else use it to rehabilitate a specific injury or ailment. Whilst many focus on the physical side of yoga, many long-practising yogis actually believe that the practice transcends its physical form, instead offering us the chance to reflect upon our own thoughts and actions and improve our self-awareness and attitude. 

Whatever yoga means to you and however you like to practice it, there’s one thing for certain - there are a whole host of benefits to doing so. But, while practising yoga is good for you, you should also be making sure it’s good for the planet too. From mats and tops to leggings and props, the items that you use to enable and support your flow could also be helping to make positive change in the world too. 

Rather than channelling all your energy towards touching your toes or holding a handstand, this International Day of Yoga take some time to focus on cultivating a more conscious, kinder, and ultimately greener, way of living - both on and off the mat.

Wearing is Caring

Mats Matter

As well as ensuring what you wear to a yoga class is made from more sustainable materials and under ethical conditions, it’s also worth taking a look at the mat you’re practising on. The majority of yoga mats are made from PVC because of its grip performance, durability and cheap price. PVC, however, also comes at a great cost to ours and the planet’s health. Known as the most toxic plastic around, PVC is actually toxic during every single stage of its life cycle - definitely not something you want to be touching and breathing in throughout your class. 


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Our Favourite Ethical Yoga Brands