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The Best Sustainability Apps

By Jil Carrara

Here are our favourite sustainable apps to download for 2019.

If you’re looking to go greener in the new year but aren’t exactly sure on where to start and maybe need some gentle reminders, these are our favourite sustainability apps to help you start making small changes to your everyday life. From finding refillable tap water stations around you, to helping fight food waste and sharing the positive changes you are making with a like-minded community, these apps will have you covered throughout the year. 


OLIO is an app designed to combat food waste, so whether your neighbour or a local business is trying to get rid of perfectly ripe tomatoes, these can easily land on your plate just in time for your next meal. 

Too Good To Go: End Food Waste
By the same token, the Too Good To Go app helps restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets combat food waste by making meals available for £2-4 that would otherwise go to waste. The food is made ready for you to collect at a designated time et voilá - you've got your next meal sorted. 

This app makes it easy for your to find ethical and environmentally-friendly products on-the-go. It provides scientific health, environemntal and social ratings on a huge database of products. Browse ingredients, nutrional value, health effects of chemicals and disocver alternatives with this easy tool. 

Oroeco automatically allows you to track your impact on the climate with a powerful footprint calculator. Perfect for understanding where you are already doing well and where there is room for improvement. 

JouleBug makes it easy for you to implement more sustainable habits into your everyday life with tips and a social network to connect with a likeminded community. As if that wasn't enough, you’re awarded points with each positive action that correlates to the impact its had on your wallet and environment. 

Find water refill stations near you anywhere in the world with Tap, so you don’t have to buy a single-use plastic bottle ever again. Just don't forget your reusable bottle at home! 

This app helps you find veggie and vegan restaurants near you anywhere - trust us, it’s been saviour on many occasions. Basically your best friend when travelling. 


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The Best Sustainability Apps