The 6 Best Vegan Restaurants in London

By Venetia Falconer

Venetia Falconer, podcast creator and presenter of Talking Tastebuds, shares her favourite plant-based restaurants around London. 

London is fast becoming the vegan capital of the world. Not only does oat mylk seem to be the go-to of every barista the city, there are now meat-free ‘bleeding burgers’, indulgent dairy-free donuts and entire events dedicated to solely to plant-based living. Whether you’re after a quick and casual bite to eat, fancy date night or an entire evening of dancing fuelled by plants, this metropolis has you covered. 




Held every first Thursday of each month at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane, this is the place to discover the best vegan street food, cruelty free clothing and beauty products. The crowd is cool, the vibe is friendly, the bars are open. Dance the night away after indulging in steamed Bao buns from Eat Chay and salted chocolate chip cookies from Palm Vaults, dunked in black sesame ice cream from Black Mylk

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The 6 Best Vegan Restaurants in London