The Cosy Edit: Ethical Bedding Guide

By Fiona Cartmel

With the nights getting colder and the end of winter nowhere in sight, being cosy has never been so appealing. We take a look at the companies making it possible for us to feel cosy, sustainably. 


If you’re like us at Eco-Age, your bed is your sanctuary. There is nothing better after a long, cold day than slipping under the covers and letting all the stresses of the day ebb away; or curling up in your cosy bed, wearing your favourite sustainable PJs on a chilly Sunday morning, with a (Fairtrade) coffee and newspaper in hand. 

Apart from giving you that cosy feeling, it is essential that your bedding and bed performs well, leaving you feeling refreshed when you wake up. A study by The University of Sydney and The Australian Wool Innovation (Woolmark Company) found that textile fabrics can have an influence on your comfort, especially with respect to heat and moisture, and that the thermal environment is an important factor that affects your sleep. It also found that sleeping in or under wool can help you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

A Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep by the Sleep Council added that the composition of your duvet is probably just as important as the tog for your comfort, and that natural materials will guarantee you a better night’s sleep than manmade materials.

There are so many elements that go into creating the perfect cosy, and sustainable, bed experience. To help guide you through and to minimise the sleep you lose over your choice, we have collated some of our favourite ethical beds and bedding brands:



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The Cosy Edit: Ethical Bedding Guide