Creative Home Activities to While Away your Weekend

Image: Aeand Studio

It's time to start treasuring these long, slow weekends at home. Beatrice Murray-Nag looks into the best online workshops, classes and courses on offer to get your creativity flowing and make the most of the extra time indoors. 


Getting used to life in lockdown has made us all rethink our usual weekend plans. Without the possibility of getting out and about, the time at home has forced us all take a moment of stillness. And hear me out; this can actually be a good thing. 

The chance to slow down is something of a rarity in our fast-paced modern world, so the slow stretch from Saturday through to Sunday should be something worth savouring. In the absence of social obligations and the usual commitments of daily life, the weekend can feel somewhat empty, of course; but it also becomes a moment to dedicate to the little luxuries we never usually find the time to do.  

Not convinced? Even the experts are advocating the odd moment of quiet as essential for unlocking our inner creativity. Psychologist Sandi Mann goes as far as to say that a lack of external stimulation may actually prompt our minds to look for stimuli internally, tapping into our most creative potential. Intrepid travel writer Pico Iyer has also come to recognise the importance of downtime, so eloquently envisaging sitting still “as a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it.” 

So, let's dedicate these weekends to embracing the lack of obligations and soaking up that stillness. Get your creative juices flowing and make the most of your empty diary to do something new – from joining an online art class to starting on some sewing. Here is our top pick of classes, courses and workshops to try, showing support to small businesses at the same time.


Get creative with an Aeand Studio art class

Embrace these quiet weekends to do something creative. A relaxing respite from the news, Aeand Studio’s online art classes give all the guidance you need to get started. Focusing on simple techniques such as abstract mark making and paper cut outs based on still life artwork, each class gives you access to an hour-long tutorial and a pdf workbook with references and notes. The perfect way to make something to brighten up your bedroom. 


Get into digital dining with Hoste

Make like Hoste supper club and founder Laura Jackson and use your weekend to set up a virtual dinner party with your friends. From creating the perfect table spread to deciding on a recipe and cooking it up together, it's time for socialising online to get seriously sophisticated. The kitchen queen herself is even hosting an Easter cook-a-long on Good Friday, preparing a paella dish live on Instagram in collaboration with Cornish café Hidden Hut. 


Try your hand at natural dyeing with Supernaturae

It’s no secret that we’ve got some natural dyeing devotees within the Eco-Age team (our sustainable fashion and textiles duo have been known to dedicate their weekends to dyeing even before the lockdown). But it’s time to start saving up your avocado stones and bay leaves, because there has been no better time to give this Pinterest-worthy hobby a try. To truly get to grips with the craft, join artisanal anthropologists Supernaturae for an online overview covering everything from mordanting to ph levels and foraging for materials.


Give your clothes some love with the Restory

We all have a pile of clothes at the back of our wardrobes that we’ve been meaning to fix for years, or an old pair of trainers in need of some attention. What better time than the weekend then to work our way through, getting each item back to its former glory. Try your hand at mending with some simple sewing hacks or join London shoe and handbag repairers The Restory on Instagram for their ‘Restore Your…’ series every Friday, which teaches you how to clean up old items at home.


Listen to an online lecture with Alexander McQueen

For those in need of a little bit of culture, Alexander McQueen’s foundation Sarabande is offering free online lectures on all things fashion, creativity and digital. Guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, the Sarabande Sessions line-up includes lectures from legendary photographer Tim Walker, iconic contemporary artist Grayson Perry as well as painter and sculptor Maggi Hambling. Never has art been so accessible. 


Join a candle-making workshop with Earl of East

Achingly chic London studio Earl of East might be best known for their homeware and fragrances, but they offer a whole host of workshops too. With their physical store currently closed, the creative duo behind the brand have moved their signature candle-making classes online. Those who sign up will receive their kit in the post, containing everything from soy wax to botanical oils to make a relaxing scented treat to enjoy, all from the comfort of your home.


Learn some simple sewing with Selkie Patterns

Making your own clothes is something any sustainable fashion aficionado aspires to, but with our busy daily lives it’s almost impossible to find the time. Needless to say, there’s never been a better moment to dust of your old sewing machine and start stitching. Hop onto sustainable sewing start-up Selkie Patterns’ website to find the perfect patterns for all levels – from simple cotton rounds to dreamy jumpsuits. 


Bake some bread with Bread Ahead

According to Instagram, everybody’s baking bread. And who can blame them; while supermarket shelves run low and we find ourselves with a little extra time on our hands, knocking up our own loaf suddenly seems somewhat appealing. Borough Market’s Bread Ahead Bakery is offering free online tutorials for those who want to get creative in the kitchen, bringing their expertise to Instagram for daily sessions. From no-knead sourdough (yes, please!) to Italian grissini, this kind of community cooking is the ideal antidote to any lonely weekend blues. 


Join a book club with Emma Gannon

When in need of escapism, what better way to while away the weekend then picking losing yourself in a good book? Joining an online book club means instant access to a whole group of people flicking through the same pages as you, always on hand to discuss your thoughts as you read. There are a whole host of possibilities out there, but we love the idea behind author Emma Gannon’s new The Hyphen Book Club. The perfect balance between structure and independence, this one features daily recommendations alongside the monthly book club picks with are discussed via Instagram live sessions. 


Make your own plant pot with Salt Studios

Get creative this weekend and come away with a picturesque plant pot for your living room too. Salt Studios is hosting an online workshop to make your own terrazzo plant pot, in which you’ll be provided with all the materials from terrazzo chips to the plant pot mould. A hands-on activity for those who are feeling ambitious, this one is perfect for anyone who wants to use this time to learn something completely different. 


Get into gardening with The Sill

No shame here -we’ve never been the best at keeping our house plants alive. Luckily for us, plant parenthood specialists The Sill will be giving online classes on caring for plants in spring. The one-hour workshops will teach you the tips and tricks on how to give your plants the best head start as they awake from the winter and tend to the new needs that come with the change of seasons.  


Find a moment of calm with Re:Mind Studio

Last but not least, remember to treat yourself to a real moment of stillness among all your newfound creative hobbies. London meditation studio Re:Mind have moved their schedule online, offering up the opportunity for anyone to participate in weekly breathwork classes or crystal bowl sound baths. The perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening. 


Creative Home Activities to While Away your Weekend