Ethical Jewellery: Investment Brands and Pieces

By Lori Delaney

While society is becoming more conscious of ethics and materials in regards to fashion, what about jewellery? 

Just as the fashion industry has come under vigorous scrutiny from more concious consumers who are demanding greater transparency and ethics within the production of clothes, the jewellery industry has seen a dramatic shift in the past few years, with more and more brands changing the way they source and process materials. 

Understanding that the story of jewellery and wearer doesn't begin with the purchase goes a long way in becoming more savvy about whether what we are buying is sustainable. Ultimately, it comes down to what it was made from, whether the artisans and workers were paid fairly, treated well and worked in safe and clean conditions and if it will last. Jewellery, as with clothing, should be an investment (well beyond #30wears!!), which is why we've put together a guide of some of our favourite investment pieces by brands who are paving the way for greater change in the jewellery industry... 

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Ethical Jewellery: Investment Brands and Pieces