Everything Ever Named After Sir David Attenborough

By Jil Carrara

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a spider named after him, Beyonce a horse fly, Al Gore has a fish and HRH Prince Charles a frog, but Sir David Attenborough has a whole list of animals (and a constellation too) in his name. 

Attenborough who recently delivered the heartfelt People’s Seat Address at COP24 in Poland stated that “we’re facing a man-made disaster of global scale” has been an advocate for the environment for many year. With his documentary series Blue Planet he aimed to raise awareness for climate change and plastic pollution. During his acceptance speech for the naming of the Prethopalpus attenboroughi spider he gratefully said that "naming a species is the biggest of compliments that you could ask from any scientific community” - and we think it’s very well deserved.

From dinosaurs, to carnivorous flowers and a whale shaped constellation, here is everything - extinct or alive - that carries the name of the natural history broadcaster.

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Everything Ever Named After Sir David Attenborough