How to Upcycle Your Prom or Bridesmaid Dress

By Eco-Age

After a summer of proms and weddings, your wardrobe might be full of fancy dresses that you're not sure that you will ever wear again. But your occasion dress doesn't need to hang unloved in your closet - read on for Regan Lavin's ideas for giving your prom, bridesmaid or occasion dress a new lease of life. 


Prom dresses cost an average of £220 per year, while the average bridesmaid dress can set you back £114. Rarely do people re-wear fancy dresses such as prom and bridesmaid dresses, so this money (and the environmental cost of making the dress) often goes to waste. However, this does not have to be the case. If you can't find another occasion to wear your dress and don't have a friend or family member that would love to take it off your hands (your younger cousin that has her school prom next year perhaps?), here are some suggestions for what you can do with it after the big event to prevent it gathering dust in your wardrobe:

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How to Upcycle Your Prom or Bridesmaid Dress