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International Day of Charity: 11 Brands that Give Back

By Liz Wootton

On International Day of Charity, Liz Wootton takes a look at some of the incredible companies who are using their profits to really make a difference in the world.

Ultimately, not buying new things at all is the best way to protect the planet and reduce your environmental impact. However, we do appreciate that this is pretty unachievable for most people in today’s world. Instead, a more realistic course of action would be focusing on shopping mindfully: reusing and repairing wherever possible, only buying the things you really need and supporting ethical, environmentally-friendly companies who make non-toxic, long-lasting products. 

Luckily, for us and the planet, there’s plenty of such companies out there. And, as well as doing and producing amazing things, some even give back to charity when you buy their products too. Here we take a look at our favourite charitable brands, so next time you need to shop you can use your purchasing power to do some good in the world.

International Day of Charity: 11 Brands that Give Back