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Wednesday 11th December

Thunberg accuses world leaders of 'creative PR'

Greta Thunberg has called upon world leaders to stop using "clever accounting and creative PR" to avoid real action on climate change. Speaking at a UN climate change summit, Ms Thunberg said the next decade would define the planet's future. She accused world leaders of making constant attempts to find loopholes to avoid making substantial changes.

Blocked escape routes stopped workers fleeing fire

NEW DELHI - Blatant safety violations, including locked doors, barred windows and blocked staircases, prevented workers from escaping a garment factory

Sydney climate protest: thousands rally against inaction amid bushfire and air quality crisis

Thousands of people have rallied in Sydney to protest against inaction on the climate crisis, after months of bushfires and hazardous smoke in New South Wales and Queensland. On Tuesday, the level of dangerous PM2.5 particles in Sydney's air was as high as 10 times normal, and fires have burnt through nearly 3 million hectares of land across NSW and Queensland this season.

Sweden set to tax chemicals in clothing

STOCKHOLM - European brands are being urged to give their views on Swedish government proposals to introduce a tax on potentially harmful chemicals in

EU aims to stir global action with pledge on climate crisis

The EU will attempt to revive the world's flagging attempts to tackle the climate crisis with a historic proposal from Brussels to halve emissions by 2030, and reach net zero carbon by mid-century.

Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s

Greenland's ice sheet is melting much faster than previously thought, threatening hundreds of millions of people with inundation and bringing some of the irreversible impacts of the climate emergency much closer.

Circular Polybags? Adidas, Kering, PVH, Fashion for Good to Try It Out

Throwing out the notion of throwing out the polybag, Fashion for Good, along with Adidas, C&A, Kering, Otto Group and PVH Corp. are set to launch a "circular polybag" pilot early 2020.

Consumers' sustainable shopping habits revealed

It comes after the government rejected all recommendations by the environmental audit committee's report on the sustainability of the fashion industry earlier this year. This included the introduction of a 1p levy on each garment to raise £35m a year for improved recycled clothing collection and sorting.

Tuesday 10th December

Negotiators 'playing politics' amid climate crisis

UN negotiators meeting in Madrid have been accused of "playing politics" while the climate crisis grows. The talks - now in their final week - are bogged down in technical details as key countries seek to delay efforts to increase their pledges, observers say.

Refugees 'at increased' risk from extreme weather

Refugees and people displaced within countries because of conflict are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather, experts say. Humanitarian agencies told the BBC this posed significant challenges for their operations in different parts of the world. Temporary camps for the displaced in Africa and Asia have been affected.

European shipping emissions undermining international climate targets

Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping equal the carbon footprint of a quarter of passenger cars in Europe and stand in the way of countries reducing emissions and limiting runaway global heating, analysis reveals. Despite the scale of shipping emissions from both container and cruise ships, they are not part of emissions reduction targets made by countries as part of the Paris agreement on climate change.

Tigers, elephants and pangolins suffer as global wildlife trafficking soars

The two young women who arrived at Heathrow in February 2014 en route to Düsseldorf were carrying nondescript luggage. Customs officers were suspicious nevertheless and looked inside - to find 13 iguanas stuffed into socks inside the cases. Astonishingly, 12 of the highly endangered San Salvador rock iguanas had survived their transatlantic journey.

1.9 billion people at risk from mountain water shortages, study shows

A quarter of the world's population are at risk of water supply problems as mountain glaciers, snow-packs and alpine lakes are run down by global heating and rising demand, according to an international study.

Which party has the answer to the big green questions?

Putting a tax on meat, ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars within a decade and upgrading the energy efficiency of every home in the UK are among the eye-catching green promises from the political parties fighting for voters' backing in the general election.

Corruption: An Obstacle To Fighting Climate Change

On international anti-corruption day, parliamentarians are meeting in Doha to discuss how to clean up decision-making - a step that will be crucial if negotiators are to agree to step up carbon offsetting at the COP25 summit happening at the same time in Madrid.

Bid to revive organic cotton in former stronghold

NAGPUR - The Indian cotton industry has converged on the Indian city of Nagpur for the second annual Cotton Trailblazers event with the aim of reviving

UNFCCC signatories call for government collaboration

UNFCCC signatories call for government collaboration

Monday 9th December

Christmas jumper day goes green to cut down on plastic waste

Save the Children is calling on people to hold clothes swaps and scour vintage shops rather than buy new Christmas jumpers, after research found that 95% of the novelty items for sale contained plastic. The appeal for consumer "sustainability" comes ahead of the charity's annual Christmas jumper day on Friday, when it encourages supporters to buy and wear festive pullovers.

Retailers are adopting gender-neutral shopping spaces

When Selfridges debuted a gender neutral pop-up called Agender in 2015 it occupied a tiny, slightly awkward space in its London flagship store. At the time the directional retailer was lauded for thinking outside the gender binary, which four years

What does a 'climate election' mean for Wales?

Green issues have been debated in the election like never before, so what does it mean for the Welsh environment? It is an area that is largely devolved to Cardiff Bay so the promises made in a UK general election would not usually be as relevant here.

Leading companies reduce GHG emissions by 35%

MADRID - As world leaders gather in Madrid to discuss the climate crisis, a new report reveals that leading players in the private sector - including the

The no-flush movement: the unexpected rise of the composting toilet

If you've been to a festival, gone on a rural getaway or spent any time with eco-minded people in the past few years, you may have noticed a small revolution taking place in lavatories around the UK.

Why Do We Still Know So Little About How Our Clothes Are Made?

Not-for-profit global movements, such as Fashion Revolution, are calling for high-street and luxury labels to inspect their supply chains and rectify human rights and environmental issues. Vogue asks why consumers still know so little about how their clothes are made and calls for transparency from big brands.

Mud Jeans Carries Its Circular Story Into Its First Store

As brands struggle to find the right balance between online and physical retail, and seek effective ways to share sustainable stories, Mud Jeans is stepping up to both challenges. The Dutch brand, known best for its jeans leasing program, opened its first brick-and-mortar location outside of Amsterdam in Laren, where its headquartered.

Fire at New Delhi Handbag Factory Kills 43

A view of the building where a fire broke out during early morning hours in a plastic factory, on December 8, 2019 in New Delhi. | Source: Getty Images By Reuters December 8, 2019 22:27 MUMBAI, India - At least forty-three people were killed in India's capital New Delhi on Sunday when a fire swept through a six-storey factory where labourers were sleeping, government officials said.

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