Plastic-Free Food - Where To Start

By Jil Carrara

If you're trying to reduce plastic in the home, here are some simple swaps for reducing plastic food waste.

The UK population throws away an estimated 295 BILLION pieces of plastic every year, according to the Everyday Plastic report. Of this, the study found that two-thirds of throwaway plastic was used to package, wrap and consume food.

This is not surpising as it is incredibly difficult to find plastic-free produce in conventional UK supermarkets, which currently generate 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging every year.  Greenpeace have launched a petition to tell UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging and lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced.


Until then, here are some eco-friendly alternatives, tips and tricks to get around buying plastic-wrapped food, as well as brands using innovative materials to change the game: 

Read more about how to start buying in bulk and how to minimise food waste, as well as our favourite Bulk-Buying stores in the UK to get your started.

Plastic-Free Food - Where To Start