Rent your Christmas Party Wardrobe

By Kelly Green

Image: Lucy Thomson for Hurr Collective

Party season is in full swing, and with each festive event comes the decision of what to wear. Could renting your party outfit be the most sustainable solution?

updated: 08.11.19


Many of us can relate to that feeling of looking in the wardrobe and finding nothing to wear when we have a big event looming. The desire to purchase something new on such as occasion can be strong, particularly when having a last minute panic. However, with one in 10 people claiming to throw out clothing after being pictured wearing it just three times, 300,000 tonnes of clothes thrown away in the UK alone every year, and 123 million clothes in London hanging in wardrobes unworn, buying a new outfit that will probably be worn only a handful of times is not a sustainable option for your bank balance or for the planet.

Organising clothes swaps with friends, or shopping in vintage or charity shops are two more sustainable solutions to your wardrobe conundrum - especially if you take something with you that you no longer wear to swap or donate. But there is now also another option - rental.

While renting tuxedos and fancy dress costumes is quite the norm, specialist rental companies are now offering everyday and designer partywear that will keep your wardrobe fresh without adding to the ever-growing pressure on our planet's resources (and without the designer price tag - win win).

So before you head to the shops, check out these clothes rental companies to find your perfect party look:


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Rent your Christmas Party Wardrobe