Sustainable Shoe Brands You Need to Know

By Kelly Green

Sustainable shoe brands from flats made of recycled plastic bottles such as Rothy's to eco-friendly sneakers such as Veja - the Duchess of Sussex’ sustainable Royal Tour wardrobe has got us all rethinking ethical footwear...  


Sustainable shoe brands are more coveted than ever before. The horrifying impact of the fast fashion industry exposed by documentaries such as The True Cost and Stacey Dooley's Fashion's Dirty Secrets has inspired us all to dress more ethically - but how does that filter down to our feet?  Footwear manufacturing can be fraught with many of the same ethical, social and environmental issues as clothing production - labour rights, fast fashion, plastic pollution, animal welfare, waste and recycling - heightened by the fact that shoes are made of so many different components, frequently contain animal-derived materials, and often come with performance requirements.  This can make finding a fully sustainable pair of shoes that fit, look great and won’t compromise your values, a challenge. 

Yet a growing number of brands are rising up to this challenge, shaking up the shoe industry with innovative, environmentally-friendly materials, transparent supply chains, and traditional, artisanal craftmanship. What's more, compromising on style is no longer the only option.

If you’re looking for stylish shoe brands that are founded on sustainable values and working hard on their environmental footprint - here are some that you need to know:

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Sustainable Shoe Brands You Need to Know